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”When the body gets working appropriately, the force of gravity can flow through.
Then spontaneously the body heals itself.“—Ida P. Rolf, PH.D.

We Seek to Inspire

Ida P. RolfIda P. Rolf was an extraordinary pioneer whose work in the “Human Potential” movement influenced and inspired a generation. Dr. Rolf received her Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Columbia University in 1920. Subsequently her work took her to the Rockefeller Institute where she worked in the department of Organic Chemistry. Later, she began her studies in homeopathic medicine, osteopathic medicine, yoga, chiropractic, and the Alexander Technique, in search of alternative solutions to family health problems. These studies heavily influenced her thoughts about structural effects on the human body. Her astounding discoveries working with the chronically disabled in the 1930’s and 40’s eventually came to be known as Structural Integration. Her curiosity, vision, intuitive nature, and the gift of her hands drove the following 30 years of her life to developing the techniques and training programs in Structural Integration. Dr. Rolf was a rare person with incredible creative insight and the ability to see things in a new way. Her ingenious legacy lives on in the work of Structural Integration.

We Seek to Continue the Legacy

John LatzAbout John Latz: As a true disciple of Ida Rolf in the lineage of the Rolf Method of Structural Integration, John Latz founded the Institute for Structural Integration (ISI) in 1992. John received his certification as a Rolfer® in 1985 and his advanced certification in 1987 from the Rolf Institute®. His experience as a Rolfer® was profoundly affected when he began his mentorship with one of Ida Rolf’s foremost students, Emmett Hutchins. This launched a seven year collaboration which helped to shape and develop John’s innate skills. Today, John continues Ida Rolf’s legacy at ISI. Through his unique teaching style, John’s integrity, sensitivity, and keen awareness of the body inspires and empowers his students. His skilled mastery in fascial layering and intuitive understanding of Dr. Rolf’s work is renowned throughout the Structural Integration community. His ability to teach this gift is unsurpassed. John is also a Reiki Master and has taught this form of energetic healing to over 3,000 people throughout the United States.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Institute for Structural Integration (ISI) is to provide continuing education for massage therapists and body workers, in the Ida P. Rolf Method of Structural Integration, a process of profound personal transformation.

The school is dedicated to teaching Dr. Rolf’s principles, including her three main premises:
1. Structural Integration is both a technique for personal growth and a philosophy representing a way of life.
2. Dr. Rolf’s fundamental teaching of the vertical line (a straight line of gravity in a wellaligned body) is an experience of the physical, physiological and spiritual self.
3. The process of organizing the body around the “Line,” known as the Recipe is central to the program.

Through these principles, the Institute for Structural Integration is committed to helping serve the community through dedicated practitioners who embody Ida P. Rolf’s vision of integrating body, mind, and spirit.

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