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Fundamentals of Mentorship

Fundamentals of MentorshipISI’s training program in Structural Integration is taught in two phases. On a daily basis, students observe demonstrations of each of the ten sessions with a detailed explanation of the work from the instructor. Students are allowed to ask questions, palpate, and assist the instructor during the demonstrations. This type of instruction will help develop skills in seeing, layering, and understanding Dr. Rolf’s recipe.

Phase II consists of hands-on classroom application of the skills acquired in the previous phase. Abiding by Dr. Rolf’s tradition, each student will exchange all ten sessions with a designated classmate during class. In addition, students perform the ten sessions of Structural Integration with three models from the community. The instructor closely supervises all of the manipulation work. In this context, the strengths and challenges of each student can be addressed. The immediate and personal feedback from the instructor enhances the learning process.

Phase I:
1. Introduction to Dr. Rolf’s theories and ideas.
2. Fascial anatomy from an experiential, hands-on perspective.
3. “Seeing” the human structure and how it aligns itself in space, and the relationship between the structure and the gravity field.
4. Fascial palpation, manipulation and layering.
5. Advanced body mechanics.
6. The Recipe: The fundamental teaching of how to organize a human structure around a vertical line within a 10-session sequence of fascial manipulation and movement re-education.
7. Movement re-education. 8. Reiki I*.

Once Phase I is completed, each student will go through an interview process focused on his/ her progress and preparedness for Phase II advancement.

Phase II:
Clinical Practicum in Structural Integration.
1. Receive Ida Rolf’s 10-session recipe from another classmate.
2. Practice the 10-session recipe for Structural Integration on 4 different people in the classroom setting and under instructor supervision.
3. Reiki II*.

* Reiki is taught in both Phase I and II to accelerate the student’s ability to feel and evoke core energy in another human being.

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