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Pre-Requisites and Continuing Education

We seek to...pre-requisites
The Institute requires all prospective students to complete the Connective Tissue Massage (CTM) courses prior to applying to the school for admission.

Connective Tissue Massage I
• Theory of Connective Tissue Massage
• Anatomy of fascia and related structures
• Fascial layers and planes
• Hands-on instruction and practice
• New body mechanics
• Development of palpation skills
• Manipulation of the superficial layer of fascia

Connective Tissue Massage II
• Evaluation procedures
• Hands-on instruction and practice
• Palpation techniques of deeper fascial layers
• Advanced techniques of fascial manipulation
• Movement cues for the client
• Whole body inter-relationships
• Case studies
• Integration of Connective Tissue Massage with other modalities.

You may contact the Institute for details regarding dates and locations of Connective Tissue Massage courses.


Six-day Workshops
Students review the 10-session series and study the post-10 three series in more depth. Class members give and receive the three-series with each other, as well as with models. Special attention is directed toward understanding the creative process of integrating a structure and refining the fascial layering skills through four-handed work.

Advanced Training
Students learn the advanced 5 series sessions in Structural Integration. The 10-session series is reviewed and re-evaluated to develop greater understanding and sophistication in dealing with structural relationships, integration, and movement. Through lectures, demonstrations and group discussions, you’ll explore:
1. Advanced theory and principles of SI
2. In-depth focus on refining skills
3. How to apply the advanced series with colleagues during the class
4. Work with models Participation in the Advanced Training Program is open to all ISI graduates.
It’s recommended that candidates maintain a practice of 3-5 years before applying.

Post-Advanced Training
The Post-Advanced Training Program is offered to individuals who desire further study, guidance, and exploration in Structural Integration. This training focuses on a deeper understanding of all previously learned material. This is a special opportunity for students to apprentice with John Latz in an individualized program.

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