ISI Catalog

Beginning Requirements

The training program at the ISI requires that students be well-qualified, highly motivated individuals. It is necessary to demonstrate a variety of skills and a depth of maturity in order to undertake this training. The following are needed to prepare for training:

1. Completion of Ten Basic Sessions
Before applying to ISI, we recommend you take a minimum of six months after your 10 session series to integrate and embody the work. Candidates for S.I. training are also encouraged to experience the advanced five series. The more work you experience prior to training, the better your understanding.

2. Physical Aptitude
The work of Structural Integration is physically demanding. You must be healthy and have a competent structure, that demonstrates structural support and connected, integrated movement.

3. Demonstrated Success in Life
You must show a demonstrated ability to undertake and complete a task over a period of time. Professional, business, educational or personal accomplishments meet this requirement.

4. Massage Training
It is necessary to have massage training and experience. This requirement may be met in any of the following ways:
a. A professional course of study at a massage or bodywork school.
b. Documented training or tutorial experience with a private, experienced massage teacher.
c. Professional training as a Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, or Chiropractic Doctor.

5. Connective Tissue Massage Courses
All candidates are required to complete the prerequisite courses in Connective Tissue Massage. These classes are offered by the Institute for Structural Integration.

6. Studies in Human Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology
A working knowledge of human anatomy (with emphasis on the musculoskeletal system), as well as physiology and kinesiology is needed. This requirement is only the beginning of a lifelong learning process about the human body and its structure, function, and movement. These requirements can be met by:
a. Courses completed through a massage school.
b. College courses.
c. Independent Studies.

7. Psychological Preparedness
The practice of Structural Integration evokes changes in all aspects of one’s being. A candidate must have the personal experience and insight to facilitate these changes. Specifically, a candidate must demonstrate academic understanding, self-awareness, and the ability to be present and aware of other people’s processes. There are a number of ways you can satisfy this requirement. College courses, workshops, or individual and group psychotherapy are a few approaches in which a candidate may gain psychological awareness and understanding. At ISI, we look for both the knowledge of this process and how you have personally integrated the work.

NOTE: The Institute for Structural Integration does not require a massage license to participate in structural integration training. However, you’re encouraged to abide by local and/or state laws governing bodywork.

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