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Standards of Practice

The Ida P. Rolf Method of Structural Integration is a cooperative venture between Practitioner and Client, defined primarily by intention, rather than technique.

Structural Integration:
• is dedicated to the exploration of the concept that the human body has transformational potential for the total being.
• observes that living bodies have accompanying energy fields that shift the structure, producing concomitant changes in these energy fields.
• postulates that personal well-being manifests as a more ordered relationship with the energy fields of the earth.
• teaches that the structure of the body is supported and reinforced by the gravitational field of the earth. Establishing an improved dynamic relationship between the individual and gravity evokes a change toward better function.
• is the concept of order that manifests as a dynamic symmetrical balance expressed around a vertical line.
• is the freedom from holding patterns created by unresolved history, thereby gaining a more integrated form.
• is primarily achieved through education, by releasing and reorganizing the myofascial network through the use of hands and elbows with controlled pressure and direction.
• is initiated by a standard series of 10 sessions. This progression leads to a new level of integration, which allows spontaneous, continuing change to occur toward higher levels of function.
• is a progression toward balance and may be continued or accelerated beyond the 10 sessions through further sessions of Structural Integration.

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